You most likely haven’t heard of Sairui Mall! This is because the company has only operated in Asia until its very recent move aiming at importing its New Retail concept.

Sairui Mall is an e-commerce platform just like Alibaba, AliExpress, Amazon or Jumia in Africa. Sairui decided to exclusively start its business in Africa because Africa is still a fairly open market; the three giants Amazon, Alibaba and AliExpress are nowhere to be seen and Jumia that had been trying to grab that business has been struggling lately. Sairui decided to come to Africa with a brand new concept that according to Jack Ma is going to surpass traditional E-commerce in the future. In 2016, Jack Ma called it New Retail and Alibaba has already implemented its own model of New Retail in China.

In other words, Jack Ma said the current e-commerce model in which one person makes money while the other person is only spending money will not last very long and that seller will have to come up with a different model where some added value will be offered to the buyer, providing him or her with an incentive to become part of a bigger buying and selling network through social network. And for this to work, companies will have to share their profits with their customers and partners. This is exactly what Sairui decided to do by sharing almost 80% of their profit with all those who are part of their New Retail. This is a whole new ball game as this has never been seen before whether in e-commerce or even in network marketing and I am sure many companies will follow and those hesitating will go down. Just like many thousands of years ago in the era of the dinosaurs, it is not the strongest that survived, but those able to adapt to change. In this article, I would like to go over anything and everything that you should know about Sairui if you are interested in Joining their New Retail.

Let us start by defining a few keywords:

Network Marketing:

According to, Network Marketing is a business model that depends on person-to-person sales by independent representatives, often working from home. A network marketing business may require you to build a network of business partners or salespeople to assist with lead generation and closing sales.


E-Commerce according to Merriam-Webster is any activity of Buying and selling goods or services over the internet.

For those who have been following online trends, they would remember that 10 years ago, brick and mortar store was not present online but today, things have changed and all those big stores such as Walmart or Ikea are present online as well and try every day to add some value to customers’ experience. Things are changing and they are changing fast and online businesses are getting more creative in ways to attract more customers. In the same way, Network marketing as we use to know it is disappearing and marketers are at work trying to develop new strategies to sell their products and this is where New Retail comes into play with a revolutionary strategy that would blow your mind.

Sairui InternationalHolding Group: Who is Sairui

Sairui Mall is one company of a bigger holding known as the Sairui Holdings Group. The Chinese based in Hongkong was founded in 2008 by Mr. Zhang Yuan its current CEO who is among the biggest entrepreneurs in China. The holding owns several other companies such as a Commerce and Trade company, a Biotechnology company, two E-commerce companies. The holding on its own has created an ecosystem that allows selling and trade goods manufactured in the other companies of the holding in some kind of e-commerce, network marketing, and social network hybrid system and this is how they decided to create their African Sairui mall in Ghana in March 2019 with head office in Accra. Sairui Mall is now slowly expanding in Africa. Their New Retail concept has so much success that they can barely keep up with the products that their buyers and partners registering to their program are purchasing and they are now installed in Nigeria, Cameroon and Ivory Coast.

A Brief Presentation of how Sairui works

To quickly explain with a few words what Sairui does, they pick top health products that they call Quantum energy products that they want to promote and sell them to those who buy into their New Retail program by paying a registration fee. Buying one product at New Retail price gives the buyer the option to buy two of the same product at a wholesale price of 60% off. Now this is where Sairui genius comes into play; Sairui understands that the part of network marketing that everyone hates is going door to door trying to sell the product. So, Sairui gives its New Retail partners the option to leave their products on the Sairui platform with the guaranty that the products bought at wholesale prices will be sold in a maximum of 10 days and once sold, the partner can repeat the cycle over and over again. We will go over the whole process in this post and discuss various different scenarios. The true fact I know is that several who started with Sairui back in March of 2019 have already recovered all their initial investment and are now into profits yet the cycle continues unstoppable.

i.e. As a registered partner with Sairui, you buy a watch for $100 at New Retail price; Sairui then allows you to buy two more watches at wholesale price which is 60% off, so you buy two watches for $80 making your initial investment $180. Sairui then offers to sell the two watches bought at wholesale price for you on their platform at New Retail price within 7 to 10 days, so each watch will be sold for $100 and you will get $200 in your account.

Your initial capital was $180 and now you made $200 and you’ve got a watch. So you made a $20 profit plus a watch in 10 days. You repeat that three times in a month, you made $60 and you have three watches and your capital is still untouched. Isn’t this amazing?

As incredible as this may sound, no other sale model would allow you to share the profit as New Retail does. It is a Win-Win situation as everyone makes money and everyone is happy. Sairui raises capital, they sell their products made by the other company of the holding and at the same time, they make their New Retail platform known as well as the quality of their products. This is very smart from their part.

Who can participate in the Sairui New Retail?

In order to participate in the Sairui New Retail, you buy into it by registering. There are, currently five packages in Sairui known as VIP levels, however, VIP1 allows you to buy products based on your capital but you are not allowed to buy and resale unless you upgrade to one of the higher levels. The five levels are known as:

  • VIP1
  • VIP2
  • VIP3
  • VIP4
  • And VIP5

Each VIP carries a specific price tag according to its level of registration. For example, see below for the costs of buying into the different VIP packages and what product you get in return:

VIP1 $25 US 17.500F NO 5 Anti-radiation phone sticker
VIP2 $50 US 35.000F YES Quantum beauty spray
VIP3 $100 US 70.000F YES Quantum energy eyeglasses
VIP4 $300 US 210.000F YES Warm Moxibustion Therapy Chips
VIP5 $600 US 420.000F YES Spectrum Face Skin Rejuvenation Mask

It is important to mention that the registration fee above is a one-time fee for life which will allow you to trade Sairui products. Trading here is to be understood as buying and selling Sairui products on the Sairui New Retail platform. After the registration process is completed, you now need trading capital that will allow you to buy and sell as described earlier. With your capital invested, you will get Sairui Points in return. One Sairui Point (SP) is equal to one US dollar. The Sairui points are what you will use to complete your trading every 10 days.

Trading in the Sairui New Retail

Just like the registration, the VIP level you choose goes with specific trading capital. The high the VIP grade, the higher the trading capital and so is also the Return on Investment. The VIP1 grade is no longer allowed to trade. See below for trading capital, the products and the profits every ten days.

VIP1 N/A 17.500F N/A N/A N/A N/A
VIP2 $90 US 63.000F $140 US


$7 + Product($50) $21 + Product($150) Quantum rings
VIP3 $180 US 126.000F $280 US


$14 + Product($100) $42 + Product($300) Quantum Fuel save Card or Quantum Compression Mask
VIP4 $540 US 378.000F $840 US


$42 + Product($300) $126 + Product($900) Quantum energy pendant
VIP5 $1080 US 756.000F $1.680 US


$84 + Product($600) $252 + Product($1800) Quantum Energy Feet massage Sticker


The fourth column in the table above displays the total investment one needs to come up with in order to participate in the Sairui New Retail. The amount showed combines the registration fee and the capital invested. You are allowed to have as many accounts as you financially can. The table shows currencies in the US dollar and in CFA Francs, the currency used both in central Africa and in West Africa; in order to find out how much these amounts are in your local currency, feel free to do the conversion. The Sairui platform allows several ways to fund your account going from bitcoin (BTC) to Bank Wire.

Keep in mind that while you can withdraw from the program at the end of every 10 days cycle, your registration fee is not refundable; however, you can stay in the program if you wish so for as long as you like.

Sairui Products for Trading

Sairui Mall is an E-commerce platform with thousands of products; the platform runs traditional E-commerce as we know it on other platforms such as Amazon, Alibaba, etc. but at the same time, Sairui promotes its New Retail concept. Not every product sold on the Sairui Mall platform can be traded in the New Retail; only carefully selected products can be traded in the program. Sairui guarantees that the products will be sold in 10 days, so they’ve got to make sure they only pick very popular products. Their Quantum Energy product line has so far been the only products traded and those using them are claiming to be very satisfied. We will describe the Quantum products involved in the Sairui trading process.



We will skip VIP1 because as we mentioned above, VIP1 grade does not do any trading. Only VIP2 and above are allowed to trade on the Sairui New Retail.


VIP2 REGISTRATION: Quantum Beauty Spray

     Quantum Spray    quantum-spray

When you register as a VIP2 and pay a $50 registration fee, you get a Quantum Beauty spray bottle. According to Sairui, this spray bottle that was first sold in March of 2017, after having been filled with water transfers Quantum energy to the water which is now charged with high Quantum energy.

Click the following link for a full detailed description of the Quantum Beauty Spray.

VIP3 REGISTRATION: Quantum Energy Glasses

quantum-glasses quantum-glasses-2

When you register as a VIP3 and pay a $100 registration fee, you get a Quantum Energy Glasses.

According to Sairui, these glasses are fitted with 4 different technologies that help whoever wears the glasses to improve eyes’ health. These Quantum implanted glasses on top of the Quantum energy technology also generate Negative ions, protect against blue ray light (Light emitted from computers, TV screens, and tablet or cellphone screens) and also against the so-called far Infra-Red light.

Click the following link for a full detailed description of the Quantum Energy Glasses.

VIP4 REGISTRATION: Warm Moxibustion Therapy

moxibustion-therapy Quantum Moxibustion

When you register as a VIP4 and pay a $300 registration fee, you get Warm Moxibustion Therapy chips. These chips are placed on specific acupoints to relieve pain and other health issues. According to Sairui, these chips cover a whole variety of health issues.

Click the following link for a full detailed description of the Warm Moxibustion Therapy chips.

VIP5 REGISTRATION: Spectrum Skin Rejuvenation Mask

Skin Rejuv Mask

When you register as a VIP5 and pay $600 registration fee, you get a Spectrum Skin Rejuvenation Mask. This skin rejuvenation mask according to Sairui provides a gentle massage through nanotechnology that helps rejuvenate the face’s skin.

Click the following link for a full detailed description of the Spectrum Skin Rejuvenation Mask.


VIP2 TRADING: Quantum Ring

The product traded as VIP2 grade is the Quantum ring. This is a beautiful wearable item implanted with Quantum energy.

Quantum Ring

Click the following link for a full detailed description of the Quantum Ring.


VIP3 TRADING: Quantum Fuel Saving Card or Quantum Compression Mask

Quantum Fuel Saving Card

There are currently two items available for trading in this category: The Quantum fuel-saving card that according to Sairui can save between 10-30% of the fuel and the Quantum compression mask that with the help of Quantum energy can improve the microcirculation of the face and slowly discharge the toxins deposited on the face

Click the following link for a full detailed description of the Quantum compression mask.

Click the following link for a full detailed description of the Quantum Fuel saver card.

VIP4 TRADING: Quantum Energy Heart and Neck Pendant


The Quantum Energy Pendant is very famous among Sarui partners who all claim to have regained energy and balance just by wearing the pendant. The chain that is made from Brazillian black gallstone is said to also bear some positive impact on people’s health on top of the negative ions delivered by the pendant.

Click the following link for a full detailed description of the Quantum Energy Pendant.


VIP5 TRADING: Foot Massage Sticker

Quantum Foot Massager

If you are a bit familiar with the Chinese acupuncture medicine, then you know what they say each human organ is represented on the foot soles; this means a targeted simulation of the sole may have an impact on an internal organ. This product will provide a massage for the feet that in turn will keep you relaxed and feeling better.

Click the following link for a full detailed description of the Foot Massage Sticker.

Money making process in Sairui Mall New Retail

There are several profit streams with the Sairui New Retail and it is important to know and understand every single one of them as well as understand how to set up your accounts in order to take full advantage of the whole stream layout. As of right now, there are six different money making streams in the Sairui New Retail program; these are:

  • Store Profit
  • Direct Sharing Profit
  • Chain Store Profit
  • Service Profit
  • Chain Service Profit
  • Traditional E-Commerce Profit

We will go in detail over each type of profit and what you need to do in order to unlock them.


The Store Profit is the profit you make from buying Sairui product from the New Retail store at wholesale price and having the platform sells them for you at New Retail price.

This profit may or may not be your very first profit; let me explain: If you are planning to have only one VIP account (VIP2 – VIP6), then the store profit is going to be your first and only profit but you will be able to get a store profit every 10 days until you decide to withdraw from the program. If you create more than just one account within the first 10 days of creating you first VIP account, you will get other types of profits that we will cover later before getting your first store profit.

See below for two illustrations of the store profit:


VIP3 grade trading capital is $180 USD that we will also call initial investment and now we will take a look at the scenario:

Store Profit 100

3 operations:

  • You buy 1 Quantum Fuel Saving Card at New Retail price of $100
  • The platform offers you to buy two more Quantum Fuel Saving Card at wholesale price which is 60% off New Retail price, meaning $40 each, so two for $80
  • Sairui sells the two Quantum Fuel Saving Card for you at New Retail price for a total of $200

Summary: You invested $180 and got $200 after 10 (ten) days plus one Quantum Fuel Saving Card. After one month which is 3 rounds, the new capital is $240 and you got 3 Quantum Fuel Saving Cards. That is a $60 profit plus 3 Quantum Fuel Saving Cards.


VIP4 grade trading capital is $540 USD that we will also call initial investment and now we will take a look at the scenario:

Store Profit 300

3 operations:

  • You buy 1 Quantum Energy Pendant at New Retail price of $300
  • The platform offers you to buy two more Quantum Energy Pendants at wholesale price which is 60% off New Retail price, meaning $120 each, so two for $240
  • Sairui sells the two Quantum Energy Pendants for you at New Retail price for a total of $600

Summary: You invested $540 and got $600 after 10 (ten) days plus one Quantum Energy Pendant. After one month which is 3 rounds, the new capital is $720 and you got 3 Quantum Energy Pendants. That is a $180 profit plus 3 Quantum Energy Pendants.


  • Direct Sharing Profit or Referral Bonus

This is what you get when you sponsor or recommend someone to get into the program. This is 20% of your point volume. You certainly wonder what Point Volume (PV) is; PV is a common expression in network marketing; it represents a percentage of the money spent for buying a product in the network. The compensation plan is based on PV; the PV value for each VIP level is equivalent to 80% of the VIP registration fee. This means for instance that if you sponsor a VIP4, the registration fee is $300 which generates a PV value of 80% of the registration fee: this is $300 x 80% which is $240. Your Direct Sharing profit in this case is 20% of $240. The picture below summarizes the different PV values for the matching VIP grades.

Direct Sharing Profit

  • Chain Store Profit:

Gold Level Chain Store Profit

This is a reward paid by Sairui to you when you build a network. As soon as you start sponsoring other to join that network, Sairui pays you a bonus equal to 3% of all the trades done by your direct referrals also known as your First Generation. So each time there will be a trade on your First Generation referrals, you will earn 3% of the amount spent. This Chain Store profit is known as the Gold Level profit.

Chain Store Profit 3percent

See below for a scenario with actual numbers and how much you could make for building a Network

Chain Store Profit 3percent-Scenario

This is an instant bonus of $100.20

Platinum Level Chain Store Profit

Furthermore, as your team grows bigger and you have 5 or more direct referrals, you get an additional 2% from all the trades happening on your second-generation; these are the direct referrals of your first generation as illustrated on the picture below:

Chain Store Profit 3+2percent-Scenario

This is a massive $236.60 instantly each round they trade providing they trade all together on the same day; otherwise, the $236.60 will be scattered throughout the round. This Chain Store profit is known the Platinum Level profit.

Crown Level Chain Store Profit

And the Chain Store profit continues… As your team grows even more and your best performing team can make $200.000 or more in one month, the platform automatically pays you an additional bonus by paying you 3% of the trading value of all your teams excluding your best and your worst teams. This Chain Store profit is known the Crown Level profit. See below for an illustration.

Store Profit Sharing 3+2percent Crown-Scenario

This is an additional monthly bonus on top of the other bonuses that we’ve talked about so far.

Now that we’ve looked at how the chain store profit is built, it is important to build your network one generation at the time and move to the next generation as soon as you hit 5 direct referrals on a generation as this will unlock more bonuses.

  • Service Profit

Sairui also offers an additional profit/bonus called Service Profit this bonus is calculated on the weaker of your two legs. This means that every day, 12% of all transactions on your weaker leg are paid to you. For instance, if on a given day your left leg generates $1000 while your right leg generates $1200, a bonus of $1000 x 12% = $120 will be paid to you as illustrated by the picture below.

Service Profit

  1. Chain Service Profit – CSP:

We know how the service profit is calculated. The Chain Service Profit is calculated based on your first-generation and second-generation service profit and an illustration of this bonus calculation are displayed below:

Chain Service Profit

And then depending on how high your CSP is, it can unlock other perks to make your Chain Service Profit even higher. There are so many different ways one can make money with Sairui.

  1. Traditional E-Commerce Profit:

Even though most new partners come to Sairui for its New Retail concept, Partners can still make money with the traditional E-commerce by recommending or referring qualified manufacturers and commodities to Sairui Mall Traditional EC Area. If the commodities are purchased by consumers, what you will get is illustrated in the picture below:

Traditional EC Profit

This is a $6000 profit. Now because Sairui is still so new, I haven’t yet met someone who has collected this bonus but slowly, members will get to it. And once again, this is just another way Sairui is using the social network to promote its platform; another very smart move for those in contact with excellent products that just need a platform to be marketed on.

Becoming a Sairui VIP member

While this is a very simple task to take on your own, I always recommend to new prospects to either attend a training session or to have their sponsor create their first account and then walk them through creating their other account if they want more accounts or creating their referrals’ account for two reasons:

  • To avoid mistakes
  • To know who their sponsor and service center are since this information will be required in the process

Once you which VIP grade you want to start with, contact your sponsor and sit down with him if possible or do it over the phone. Prior to starting the process, it would be smart to already have your money exchanged into Sairui points and Compensation Points equivalent for your VIP choice. Your sponsor will coach you on this. Sairui Points are the points you need to do the trading and Compensation Points are the points you need to register as a VIP. Sairui offers various methods for funding your account with several different currencies such as the US dollar, the Chinese Yuen, the Nigerian Naira, The CFA franc and even the BTC bitcoin which is the preferred method for most Sairui members. Remember as I mentioned earlier, you can take your investment capital and leave at the end of every 10 days cycle however, your registration fee is NOT refundable.

If after reading all this information you still feel like you want to discuss it with a real person, my contact(+1647-980-1346) is on the top of the homepage and you will surely find me on Whatsapp. Feel free to shoot me a message and I will explain everything and answer all questions you may have.

In order to keep this post to an acceptable length, I will not go into full details here on how to become a VIP; however, if you click the following link, it will take you straight to a previous post that describes in full details and illustration how to become VIP on Sairui.

How To Trade on Sairui (Buying and Selling):

Now that you are a Sairui VIP partner, you will be able to trade on the Sairui platform. We’ve already covered funding of your account that will be equivalent to the VIP level of your choice. The example we took above was for a VIP4 if my memory serves me correctly. To trade as a VIP4, you need $540 in Sairui points. The traded item for a VIP4 costs $300 at New Retail price and $120 at wholesale price and you will be buying two at wholesale price, hence $300 + (2 x $120) = $540. The item bought at New Retail price will be sent to you and the two items bought at wholesale price will be sold each at $300. You will earn $600 after 10 days, which is a $60 profit (minus some fees paid to Sairui) and then you start the process over and over again.

For the full trading process, please click the following link, it will take you straight to a previous post that describes in full details and illustration how to trade on Sairui.

Withdrawing Money From Sairui Account

After a few rounds of trading depending on your VIP level, you will certainly have some money sitting in your Sairui Mall account that you would like out of the system. It is important to know how to do this and which options are available for you.

For the full funds withdrawing process, please click the following link, it will take you straight to a previous post that describes in full details and illustration how to withdraw earned cash from the  Sairui Platform.


Our website has all you need to know about Sairui New Retail; however, we felt the need to summarize the whole process in one single post for those that do not like switching from one page to another. Just like Jeff Bezos looked ridiculous when he broke into e-commerce with Amazon, Jack Ma’s New Retail concept is, in my opinion, the evolution of e-commerce and should be taken lightly. Those who believed in Amazon in its early days are laughing. Those who believe in New Retail might just be in that situation in a few years. Are you going to be one of them?





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