sairui-Official Comm 6 - Coronavirus


On February 12, 2020, the Sairui management team together with their partners in China (the factories) released an official communication that you will find in this post regarding the major negative impact that the deadly Coronavirus (officially named today the COVID-19) is having on the entire manufacturing and supply chain in mainline China. Mainline China is completely paralyzed and all factories closed.

The Coronavirus as you’ve certainly already heard in the news has so far killed over 1100 peoples in China with 40000 people infected around the world. The WHO(World Health Organization) has declared it an international emergency and China has been fighting hard to contain the virus and prevent it from further spreading.


As you surely remember, previous communication from the Sairui management team in January to all partners of the Sairui New Retail program explained the reason behind the delay in product shipping and they were reassuring everyone that they will soon be able to ship a big load to catch up. You can find that communication on the link below:


Well, as you can imagine, the situation with COVID-19 did not help the situation and may further delay the shipping of products. Sairui Mall cannot be blamed for this as no one could have predicted that this situation was going to happen.

Going back to the actual communication, Sairui management informs its partners that because of the COVID-19, all factories that were closed before the Chinese new year around January 25, 2020, are still closed because of the lockdown imposed by the Chinese government in an attempt to contain the virus and stop new infections. This lockdown had a huge impact on manufacturing, supply chain and logistics making it virtually impossible to get almost any product out of China. While the situation is showing signs of successful containment, the Sairui management team and its factories partners on mainline China are still waiting for the government to allow factories to reopen and resume production. The team plans to increase production in order to address the backlog issue they’ve had in the last few months.

Sairui management counts on every one of its partners and stakeholders to stand by its side as they go through these tough times as well as show understanding and patience on this further delay of product delivery that they hope will be resolved sooner rather than later.


If the above summary is not enough and you would still like to read the official communication, Feel free to do so by clicking the image below:

sairui-Official Comm 6 - Coronavirus


The New Retail concept is based on empowering others, making them better than we are and it is only by doing so that we are going to become successful. Keeping this in mind, as good Sairui partners, together with the Sairui management team, we can only join our prayers to theirs for the families affected by this tragedy and hope that they find the strength to recover.



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