sairui-Official Comm 12 - COVID19 - Pandemic

In its official communication Nr 12, the Sairui management team raises awareness on the seriousness of the Coronavirus that has now been declared a worldwide pandemic. Many countries did not take it as seriously as they should have from the beginning and are now being hit pretty hard with thousands of cases being found daily as well as hundreds of death daily. While the spread seems to have been contained in China’s Wuhan, with a constant reduction of new cases, countries like Italy and Iran are being hit very hard to the point that Italy is currently living in an almost lockdown state where nobody leaves the country and nobody comes in.

The new development has now also seen the African continent identify its first COVID-19 cases. Considering that most African countries are not as well fitted compared to European countries like Germany that are currently struggling, Sairui management is concerned with a potential spread of the virus on the continent and is, therefore, asking to limit any unnecessary travel as well as avoiding all meetings and gathering of more than 5 people for Sairui businesses for the next 4 to 6 weeks.

The communique also provides details about how to avoid contamination and staying healthy for yourself and your family.

Please click below for the full Communication Nr 12.

Sairui-Official Comm 12 - COVID19 - Pandemic
Sairui-Official Comm 12 – COVID19 – Pandemic


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